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Solicitation and Media Access Policy

Trade Show Access, Solicitation and Media Policy


Policies Regarding Solicitations and Access to the Commodity Classic Trade Show and Photography, Taping and Interviewing Protocols


Please report any violations to Commodity Classic staff.


  1. Any individual seeking access to the Commodity Classic trade show must be registered and possess a name badge, unless accompanied by authorized personnel.  Media and exhibitors must also display a badge ribbon designating registration category.   Commodity Classic reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone not meeting these standards.
  2. No persons other than the exhibitor’s employees may exhibit or solicit business in the assigned space. Advertising and solicitation of orders by persons not registered to exhibit at the Commodity Classic is not permitted. No exhibitor is permitted to show goods or services other than those manufactured or provided by his firm in the regular course of business. Exhibitor representatives may not enter the exhibition other than exhibitor scheduled admission times, without prior permission.
  3. All registered attendees, regardless of type, are eligible to access the Commodity Classic trade show during standard, published Open* hours. The trade show floor is closed to all registered attendees, including exhibitors, during all other hours not identified as Open, except for those times identified as Move In or Move Out hours reserved solely for individuals assembling or dismantling booth installations and the Media Preview hours reserved solely for those with exhibitor or media ribbon access.  Still or video photography is only allowed during the Open and Media Preview periods, except for registered exhibitors capturing their OWN booth construction/dismantling images for internal use.   
  4. Exhibitors may not register media representatives as their personnel or agents to gain access to the Commodity Classic trade show.   However, exhibitors may register PR agency personnel for the sake of preparing news stories for in-house use by the exhibitor. Any media organizations that are recognized exhibitors will have pre- and post-trade show access for those personnel with set-up/dismantle duties.   However, no advertising solicitation, (in or outside booth) during media preview or before open show hours may be conducted.
  5. All attendees should verify the media credentials of individuals requesting interviews, prior to providing any interviews.
  6. Photography, taping and interviewing may be conducted during the Open and Media Preview times of the Commodity Classic trade show.  Individuals using professional-grade video or audio recording equipment on the trade show floor must be registered, either as exhibitors or media.  All other registered trade show attendees may photograph or tape with their own devices, for personal use only.
  7. Media are annually provided a “Media Preview” published time, prior to the official opening of the Commodity Classic trade show, to interface and conduct interviews with exhibitors and, when applicable, growers, special guests and association management.  Access to the “Media Preview” is limited to registered media and exhibitors. Select growers or other special guests needing to be interviewed in the trade show must be registered for Commodity Classic and submit a request within 24 hours prior to Trade Show Management to be on a pre-approved list to be escorted through security at the main entrance at the start of the Media Preview time.
  8. Policy Breaches:  Commodity Classic is a meeting for growers and their families.  Harassment of all Commodity Classic attendees, including exhibitors and media, is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from all events and activities. Harassment is construed as conduct unwelcomed by those it targets.


Failure to comply with policies governing access, solicitation and media in the trade show, including photography, taping and interviewing in the trade show area, may result in action by Commodity Classic management.  Media infractions are subject to review by the NCGA and ASA Communications Directors or other senior management, as required.  Access and solicitation-related infractions are subject to review by the Commodity Classic Trade Show Manager and other senior management, as required.   


Penalties levied are contingent upon the severity of the violation(s).  Penalties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Individual(s) may be subject to expulsion from the trade show/convention.
  • Registered media and exhibitors will be warned when a policy violation is clearly committed.
  • Additional violation(s) by media registrants may result in loss of “media room” privileges and/or possible expulsion from the trade show and convention, in extreme situations.
  • Additional violations by exhibitors may result in possible expulsion from the trade show and convention and/or necessitate placement of the exhibiting organization at the end of the list for the next year’s booth selection. 
  • Unauthorized/unregistered personnel conducting interviews or soliciting the sale of goods or services in the trade show will be removed from the exhibit area.
  • Open hours do not include “Media Preview” unless otherwise noted.