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2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando LARGEST EVER


Over 10,400 attendees gathered for the 2023 Commodity Classic in Orlando, which makes this year's event in Orlando the largest EVER.  


The trade show was also the largest EVER with 412 companies exhibiting in 2,663 booths.


Download a PDF of the 2023 attendance and demographics data HERE.




Your Current and Future Customers are at Commodity Classic

with BIG acres. BIG buying power. BIG influence.



2023 in Orlando


Total Attendance


Farmer  Attendees


1st-Time Attendees 


Key Ag Media Representatives




48.6 Years: Average age of farmer attendees (our trend toward younger farmers continues!)


The typical farmer-attendee says that 8+ other farmers in their area ask their opinion on new agricultural products and practices to be AG INFLUENCERS.


Over 75% of first-time attending farmers intend to continue farming for 20 or more years.


Nearly 40% of farmer attendees indicate they are in a growth phase of their operation and 45% are focusing on maintaining the size of their operation.


The average farm operation at 2023 Commodity Classic represented:

•    3,262 total acres

•    1,279 corn acres

•    1,160 soybean acres

•    881 wheat acres

•    606 sorghum acres

•    1,557 cotton acres

•    4,080 rice acres

•    319 hay/forage acres

•    462 peanut acres

•    424 vegetable acres

•    1,065 specialty crops acres

•    483 feedlot cattle

•    145 cow/calf pairs

•    808 sows

•    258 feeders

•    7,820 finishers


The Top Reason Farmers Attend:



72% farmer attendees say Commodity Classic is the most valuable event they attend all year!


The 2023 show floor was the largest Commodity Classic ever with 2,663 booths by 412 exhibit companies .


The top farmers you want to reach–all under one roof!


Total farmersattending Commodity Classic represent:

•    $41.5 billion in total gross farm income

•    $7.1 billion in total annual equipment purchases

•    $4.8 billion in total seed & crop protection purchases

•    $6 billion in total annual fertilizer purchases


The average individual* farmer at Commodity Classic represents:

•    $3.5 million in total gross farm income

•    $958,221 in total annual equipment purchases

•    $486,479 in total annual seed & crop protection purchases

•    $649,919 in total annual fertilizer purchases


* Based on Commodity Classic registration and Commodity Classic surveys

For attendees completing the demographic data with registration




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NPS: Net Promoter Score is a customer experience metric that measures loyalty and is predictive of business growth. A score above 50 is considered excellent.