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Media Credentials/Qualification

Media registration at Commodity Classic is complimentary to credentialed media, which includes reporters, editors, and photographers affiliated with recognized broadcast, print, or Internet media organizations.


You must fall under one of the following categories to register as credentialed media:


PRINT MEDIA AND NEWS WIRE SERVICES- Reporters and editors from magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and wire services are eligible for media registration.


PHOTOGRAPHERS- Eligible photographers include photographers from magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and wire services.


BROADCAST MEDIA- Eligible broadcast media include television and radio broadcast reporters, camera/sound crew, and producers from news organizations.


FREELANCE WRITERS- Freelance reporters working on assignments for an accredited news organization are eligible.


ONLINE PUBLICATIONS- Reporters and editors from online publications are eligible. An online news outlet must be a previously established, independent site that contains regularly updated original news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips, and reader contributors and has covered the agricultural industry before.



Anyone whose principal purpose for attending the event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media may not register as media.


Marketing, advertising, public relations, account, and sales representatives or executives, presidents, publishers, consultants, authors, analysts, and researchers not covering Commodity Classic as working news media may not register as media.


Companions and other non-credentialed guests of media representatives are not eligible for complimentary media registration.