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The Different Ways to Learn at Commodity Classic


Here are quick descriptions of the types of educational sessions you’ll enjoy at Commodity Classic:


Early Riser Sessions  Set your alarm for these eye-opening early morning presentations on market trends and ag issues. Complimentary coffee and pastries are provided.


Learning Center Sessions  In-depth discussions of current issues and topics that have a direct impact on your farm. Sessions are led by industry experts and fellow farmers. Topics include production, soil health, new uses, policy, the future of farming, marketing, weather and more.


Closing Learning Center Session  Cap off the week’s educational programming with an in-depth, 120-minute session focusing on a topic of key importance to today’s farmers. Complimentary refreshments provided.


Mini What’s New Sessions  Commodity Classic’s version of speed-dating: Back-to-back-to-back 5-minute presentations in a fast-paced 90-minute period. Get a quick overview of key innovations and new products. Then visit the exhibitors’ booths in the trade show to get details.


What’s New Sessions  Concurrent 40-minute presentations showcasing innovations and services from leading agribusinesses. Visit the presenters’ trade show exhibits to learn even more.


Commodity Classic Main Stage  Located right on the trade show floor offering a great schedule of keynote speakers, panel discussions and unique ag showcases. Presented by Successful Farming® and Commodity Classic.



Educational Sessions Lineup


The line-up of educational sessions at Commodity Classic is selected by a team of farmers just like you, so you can be assured that the content, presenters and information are relevant, current and essential to your success.


Many farmers have called the Commodity Classic education sessions “The one thing that you can’t do without.”


  • Hear from thought-provoking speakers and difference-makers in agriculture
  • Be among the first to learn about new products, technology and innovation—well before other farmers read about them in a farm magazine

Many educational sessions are concurrent. You can walk into any session without pre-registering. All you need is your name badge. If a session isn’t quite what you expected, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself and attend another.


You’ll also learn from other farmers you meet—how they deal with challenges, what they grow and how they grow it.