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Meet Your 2022 Commodity Classic Speakers!



Pamela M. Bachman, Ph.D.

Director, Sustainability & Outreach, Climate LLC

Pamela is responsible for Climate LLC’s sustainability initiatives with the goal of increasing agricultural sector participation in sustainable practices. Prior to her current role Pamela spent 10 years in the Regulatory Science division at Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto Company as an Eco-toxicologist and Environmental Strategic Engagement Lead. In her decade in the agriculture industry, Pamela has engaged across academic, government, and industry sectors to develop guidance and best practices for ecological risk assessment, pollinator health, and drive ag sector participation in habitat conservation efforts. Pamela is trained as an aquatic toxicologist/ecologist and received her Ph.D. from Florida International University in Miami.



Justin Bash

Farmer, Northern Kansas

Justin holds a degree in Business Finance from the University Nebraska Kearney. During college, Justin did an internship with different banks, learning about farm loans and auditing them. During this time, he learned how important having the right bank is to grow and understand individual farming operations. As he progressed through college and early stages of his career, he worked on logistics and freight coordination for corporate grain companies. After completion of this role, he was able to begin his work as a farm marketer for Cargill, where he utilized derivatives and OTC products to mitigate risk for farmers while offsetting input exposure by hedging. Justin then was offered a regional marketing manager role where he stayed until 2012.  At this time, Justin left Cargill and founded his flagship business Crop Tech Solutions. Through trial and error, he knew that in order to grow, he would need to source additional capital resources, which led him to a venture capitalist group with whom he partnered. From the time of inception to now, he currently has grown the business to 22 employees in the majority of the Midwest states. The business now operates with state-of-the-art software that was designed in-house, risk management, a bushel hedge fund, commodity brokerage business, and data management through new technologies with planting, spray, and harvest data.  Most recently, they have added carbon and banking to their portfolio.


Justin lives in Kearney with his wife Lindsey and kids Connor and Maddox.



John Baranick

DTN Ag Meteorology Lead

John Baranick graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology and a minor in agronomy. He has been a meteorologist with DTN since 2011 providing weather insights for clients across the aviation, transportation, energy, and agriculture industries worldwide. He is a frequent guest on ag media programs to discuss weather impacts on crops and operations both domestically and abroad. John’s passion for teaching others about how weather works and the impacts it can have on commodities, markets, and infrastructure shine through his daily weather briefings, videos, and blog articles for DTN.



Laurie Bedord

Executive Editor for News & Technology, Successful Farming

Laurie Bedord is the Executive Editor for News & Technology for Successful Farming® magazine,, and the Successful Farming TV Show. She has been covering machinery and technology for more than 20 years. 


An award-winning editor, Bedord graduated from Simpson College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.



   Galynn Beer

National Manager, AgroLiquid

A transplanted Boomer Sooner, Galynn can often be found waving his University of Oklahoma flag in his office in Michigan. Like his route from Oklahoma to Michigan, Galynn’s career trajectory was not necessarily a straight line through the ag industry. His degree from OU is in Business Administration and Finance, and he began his career in investment banking. He soon returned to his roots in agriculture, and he has been with AgroLiquid for more than 20 years. As the Senior Sales Manager, Galynn certainly develops projections and manages budgets, but he has a special gift in developing the personnel that provide the revenue stream for AgroLiquid. He is also diligent in staying connected with our customers as a part of monitoring the economic climate we operate in. He has unique insight in this area, as he owns an ag input supply company in Guyman, Oklahoma. Galynn also has an innate curiosity, which led him to attain an MBA from Michigan State University in 2018. Galynn lives with his wife, Lisa, in Mid-Michigan. Dedicated foodies, the couple travels extensively and knows the best restaurants in many states, cities, towns, villages, and four-way stops. As a licensed pilot and dedicated OU football fan, Galynn can also be counted on to be grilling burgers and brats at many OU football games.



Edward E. Belk, Jr.

Programs Director, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Mississippi Valley Division

Mr. Edward E. Belk, Jr. currently serves as the Programs Director for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Mississippi Valley Division. Mr. Belk formerly worked as the Civil Works Chief of Programs Integration at Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  In his previous position, Mr. Belk was responsible for the development, defense and execution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Program across all accounts (Investigations, Construction, Operations and Maintenance, etc) and business lines (Navigation, Flood Risk Management, Ecosystem Restoration, Hydropower, etc), working closely with senior Administration officials, Congressional leaders and project partners.  He also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Management And Budget) in the office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) in the Pentagon from April through August of 2019.  He was selected by the Secretary of the Army into the Senior Executive Service in May 2012.   


Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Belk served as Chief of Operations and Regulatory Division for the Corps where he provided national oversight of the development, resourcing, and delivery of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) programs for the Civil Works infrastructure portfolio and for Corps operational programs such as hydroelectric power, public recreation, environmental restoration, wildlife management, project cyber security, and the regulatory oversight of waterways and wetlands.  He also previously served as Director of Programs for the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) and Mississippi River Commission (MRC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he provided leadership and supervision for the Programs Directorate with regional staff oversight for programs, planning, operations, real estate, and project management activities in the Division’s six subordinate District commands located in St. Paul, Rock Island, St. Louis, Memphis, Vicksburg, and New Orleans. 


Mr. Belk has extensive executive, managerial, and leadership experience in the development and delivery of large, complex water resource solutions (including navigation, flood risk management, coastal restoration, and ecosystem restoration sectors) across the full spectrum of program life cycle (planning, design, real estate acquisition, environmental compliance, construction, and operation/maintenance).  He is also seasoned and experienced at developing and strengthening strategic relationships at local, regional, and national levels that enable mission execution and program delivery. 


Mr. Belk completed two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he served as the senior U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civilian in the seven Provinces of northern Iraq and senior advisor to the Commander, Gulf Region North District, with headquarters initially in Mosul and later in Tikrit. 

Mr. Belk holds an MS in Engineering Management and BS in Civil Engineering, both from Christian Brothers University.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Mississippi, a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and on the Engineering Advisory Board for Christian Brothers University.  He was recently selected by the President to receive the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award, an honor bestowed on less than 1% of Senior Executives across the US Government.  He was also selected as the LTG J.W. Morris Civilian of the Year for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2012.  He has been awarded the Bronze Order of the de Fleury by the Army Engineer Association and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for his service in Iraq.


 Dr. Fred E. Below

Professor of Crop Physiology, University of Illinois

Dr. Fred E. Below is a Professor of Crop Physiology in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois. His research is focused on understanding factors limiting crop productivity, particularly corn and soybean. He has taught introductory crops courses to undergraduates, as well as advanced courses to graduate students, and given numerous presentations at international and national conferences, including 12 times at Commodity Classic. He has received numerous awards for his teaching excellence and he is a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy. He developed the ‘Seven Wonders of The Corn Yield World’ and the ‘Six Secrets of Soybean Success’ as tools to teach farmers and agricultural professionals the value of their individual crop management decisions, and he is actively using these concepts to develop systems capable of sustainably producing high corn and soybean yields.  He has three daughters and he and his wife live on a small farm just outside Champaign, Illinois.



Gary Berg, USB Executive Committee

Infrastructure & Connectivity Priority Area Coordinator

Gary Berg grows soybeans, corn and wheat/double crop soybeans on his farm in St. Elmo, Illinois. Although his son has his own property, they farm all the land together. The goal of the operation is to continue farming with his son and eventually have him take over, with any grandchildren if they are interested. This is Gary’s fifth year on the board after serving two years of a previous member’s term. He serves on the Executive Committee and the Value Alignment Committee. In addition, Gary is the Coordinator of the Infrastructure and Connectivity Priority Area.


Gary is a past Illinois Soybean Association director, county Farm Bureau director and is the past president and treasurer of the Illinois Wheat Association. He served as president and secretary of the local school board, which he was a part of for over 15 years. He is also a past director of a local bank.

Gary loves spending as much time as he can with family and traveling. He is a St. Louis Cardinals and Blues fan and enjoys watching and attending their games.


Gary believes that even though most farmers had good yields and prices this year, things like extremely high fertilizer and machinery costs are just a couple of reasons we must continue to increase demand domestically and internationally with our sustainable high-quality soybeans. Supporting the number one consumers of soybeans, our poultry and livestock friends and always looking for more soy-based products will certainly help with our mission of creating value for U.S. soybean farmers. 



 Matt Bennett

Grain Marketing Consultant, Channel Seed

Matt is a Windsor, Illinois farmer and blogger at Bennett adds the producer perspective to the panel, enriched with his extensive grain marketing background.









Troy Bettner

Commercial Director, Belchim Crop Protection USA

Troy Bettner is the Commercial Director of Belchim Crop Protection USA. He is responsible for leading the United States sales team and key national accounts. Working directly with Belchim USA President and General Manager, Tom Wood, Troy focuses on strategic partners and distributors, bringing an ever-expanding set of innovative products to growers in the United States. Before his post at Belchim USA, Troy was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at OHP-AMVAC Corporation and previously held leadership positions at HELM AG, Nufarm, and ADAMA. He has also been a member of the Advisory Board, Ag Business for California Polytechnic State University since 2010.



Erin Borror

Economist, U.S. Meat Export Federation.

Erin joined USMEF in July 2006 after receiving her M.S. in Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University. She received her B.S. in Agribusiness at California Polytechnic State University. As Economist, Erin is responsible for USMEF’s red meat export forecasts, trade policy related analysis, global market analysis for U.S. exporters, and U.S. market analysis for international customers. In 2014, Erin also became Chairman of the Economics Committee for the International Meat Secretariat.


Raised on a cow/calf operation in Colorado, Erin has a background in production agriculture and a passion for the red meat industry. Working remotely for USMEF, she and her husband, Bryce Borror, along with their boys Clayton and Nolan, raise purebred and commercial cattle at Tehama Angus Ranch in northern California.



Denise Bouvrette, Ph.D.

North America Corn Project Manager & Launch Lead, Bayer Crop Science

Denise Bouvrette is the North America Corn Project Manager & Launch Lead at Bayer Crop Science.  Denise started her career at Bayer (via Monsanto) in 2010 and has held various roles in the R&D organization prior to joining the Commercial Product Management team in 2019.  In her current role, Denise leads our North America trait pipeline projects from Phase 4 through Commercial Launch, ensuring a smooth transition of our latest innovations from R&D to Commercial Sales and into the hands of our customers.





Brady Brewer

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Brady Brewer is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. Brady’s teaching responsibilities include an undergraduate agribusiness management course and a graduate course in the economics of strategy for food and agribusiness. His research agenda includes the broader topics of agribusiness profitability, agricultural finance, and production/supply chain issues for both farms and the agricultural supply chain. His extension program includes educating farmers on credit concerns and lending as well as working with the agricultural banks and agribusinesses on topics of profitability and strategy. Before joining the faculty at Purdue, Brady spent three years in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia. While there, he taught undergraduate courses in agribusiness management and both undergraduate and graduate courses in agricultural finance. Brady grew up on a family farm in northwest Oklahoma that raised wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, and cattle. He received a B.S. in agricultural economics and accounting from Oklahoma State University and later earned both his M.S. and Ph.D from Kansas State University in agricultural economics.



Matt Brincks

Farmer, Fredericksburg, IA

Matthew Brincks incorporated a new approach to his operation five years ago, focusing on improving the health of his soil. He has consistently seen a rise in yields while significantly reducing his reliance on crop inputs.









 Trent Brisby

Farmer Digital Product Marketing Manager, Corteva Agriscience

Trenton Brisby is the Farmer Digital Product Marketing Manager with Corteva Agriscience. He has worked at Corteva for 11 years, spending six years as a Territory Manager on the Pioneer Seed Team in Ohio. Prior to his current role, Trent spent three years as a Digital Business Manager with the Pioneer team in Iowa where he worked with sales reps and growers utilizing digital solutions such as imagery, agronomic prescriptions, and field op data to build management zones. Trent is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Marketing & Management and currently resides in Ames Iowa.




Jack Brodshaug, M.S.

Senior Principal Digital Agronomist, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Jack works to develop digital tool to help growers manage data, collect data, and analyze data for growers that participate in carbon markets and other sustainability projects. Jack has been working with growers for his whole career and comes from a farm in North Dakota.





Jolene Brown  

Professional Speaker, Farmer, Family Business Consultant; Jolene Brown LLC

Jolene Brown is often called the “Dr. Phil” of agriculture as she works with families who want to fix, grow, and transition their business. This Hall of Fame speaker from Eastern Iowa will share lessons learned from the kitchen tables and meeting rooms of others who honor their families by doing the business right.




 Dr. Alison Bryan

Research Agronomist, CNH Industrial

Dr. Alison Bryan is a research agronomist for CNH Industrial. She has a doctorate in agronomy and crop science.








 Brett Buehler

Technology Sales Specialist, Ag Leader

A farmer himself with superb mechanical know-how, Brett is well versed in the workings of planters and can offer input on how planter maintenance and technology can have a significant impact on agronomic return.



Rachel Bush

Conservation Program Manager, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever

Conservation Program Manager,

Rachel Bush has been with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever for over a decade. Joining The Habitat Organization as a Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist, Rachel later served as the North Dakota State Coordinator before taking on added Conservation Program responsibilities for the Organization. Rachel earned her bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management and a master’s degree in Zoology. Being raised on a small farm and ranch in south-central Michigan instilled an affinity for working lands and a desire to find conservation options that work for farmers and ranchers. Rachel currently resides in North Dakota with her husband, daughter, and two bird dogs.



Dave Button, Row Shaver

Dave Button grew up on the family farm near Great Bend, Kansas. After spending nearly 30 years of his adult life in the aviation industry, Dave eventually found his way back home on the farm. Getting back into farming had its own challenges, specifically weeds. Spraying herbicides in Kansas with notorious winds often feels impossible. Mix that with ever-increasing weed resistance to herbicides and something had to be done to address both problems. 


The Row Shaver and Row Trimmer were born with the focus of eliminating the development and spread of herbicide resistant weed SEEDS. The Row Shaver cleans weeds out from between crop rows and the Row Trimmer cleans weed seed pods and flowers across the top of the crop canopy.




Marion Calmer

Founder/Owner/CEO of Calmer Corn Heads

Marion Calmer, founder/owner/CEO of Calmer Corn Heads, president of Calmer’s Ag Research Center and a 1978 Black Hawk College graduate, developed the world’s first ultra-narrow row corn head and numerous other patented harvesting technologies, which have revolutionized how corn is grown and managed around the world. As a byproduct, these technologies help decrease world hunger, improve soil fertility and water quality, reduce the need for chemical weed control and increase farmer profitability.


These ultra-narrow rows substantially decrease in-row plant competition compared to traditional row widths. This technology helps maximizes corn yields, erosion control, natural weed control, production of organic matter and farmer profitability. This ultimately helps decrease the use of chemical weed control, further protects our environment, and improves soil health and water quality. 

In the mid-1980s Marion opened one of the nation’s first independent on-farm research centers. It is best described as a center run by a farmer for farmers. The research center allows Marion to share his honest opinion and years of unbiased information on various profitable and environmentally friendly approaches to growing and harvesting corn and soybeans.



Joel Dawson

Production & Precision Ag Marketing, John Deere

Originally from Geneseo, IL, Joel began his career with John Deere in 2002.  Throughout his nearly 20 years of experience, he has held roles of increasing responsibility within Deere & Company’s product manufacturing platforms and factories, technology innovation organization and regional sales and marketing operations. Joel’s functional experiences with John Deere include Sales, Customer & Product Support, Channel Development, Strategic Planning & Quality, Global Marketing, Product Portfolio Planning, Business Development and Strategy. 


Currently Joel is leading John Deere’s Production & Precision Ag Marketing operations located in Olathe, KS where he has responsibility for the go-to-market activities for precision ag technology, large tractors, tillage, planting & seeding, application and harvesting equipment in the United States and Canada.



Jesse Daystar

Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Sustainability, Cotton Incorporated

Dr. Jesse Daystar is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Sustainability at Cotton Incorporated and an adjunct professor at the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment.  Dr. Daystar leads the cotton industry to a more regenerative and sustainable future through supporting research and outreach programs aimed at implementing best science and practices in the soil and throughout the supply chain.




  Demir Devecigil, MBA

Global Sustainability Product Lead, Climate LLC

Demir is the product owner of Climate LLC’s ecosystems and carbon initiatives, responsible for enabling the digital tools for decision making and data management for sustainable agronomic practices for growers. Demir has more than 25 years of experience in product management and geospatial analysis. During his tenure at Bayer Crop Science and The Climate Corporation, he had various roles in product and science teams, focusing on imagery, weather, irrigation, and sustainable farming areas. His passion is to discover problems of customers and working with cross-functional teams to create, test, and deploy science driven solutions.



Jeff Divan

Director of Sales Agronomy, Sound Agriculture

Jeff manages technical training and in field support for the U.S. division of Sound Agriculture. Prior to Sound, he held sales and support roles at multiple Silicon Valley based start-ups including The Climate Corporation, Mavrx and Ceres Imaging. In addition to Sound, Jeff owns and operates a 1,500 acre family farm near Thompson, Iowa. His ambition to adopt new technologies led the farm into strip-till in 2011 and cover crops in 2012. Both of these practices have grown to encompass a majority of the operations acres and additional custom work. Jeff is committed to applying technology to drive efficiency and profitability on the farm.



Randy Dowdy


“My name is Randy Dowdy and I am a 1st Generation Farmer. My focus is based on Return on Investment (ROI) and not necessarily about winning yield contests. I am a “Critical Thinker” as a result of my personality and professional training. I have Production Techniques that has been vetted in several different states and varying growing conditions and regions that resulted in positive proven results. I believe in paying my success forward. By this I mean, farmers, industry professionals, university personnel, and neighbors helped me when I began farming and I hope to help others in return. I have helped others increase their production time and time again and to help someone see some of the same results that I have witnessed is very rewarding. I have found that one of the hardest things for others to do is to change and be willing to try new things. Don’t be stubborn and resistant Like a Donkey; besides this is truly “change you can believe in.”



John Duff

Executive Vice President, United Sorghum Checkoff Program

John Duff serves as executive vice president for National Sorghum Producers and the Sorghum Checkoff, where he provides leadership and analysis on a wide array of sorghum industry issues from markets to policy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness and an MBA, both from Texas Tech University. John enjoys spending time with his wife, Amanda; daughter, Chloe; and son, Heston; as well as on the nearby family farm where he partners with his parents to produce sorghum and cotton. He is an active member at his church and in the New Horizon and Llano Estacado Emmaus and Chrysalis communities.





Sally Flis, Ph.D., CCA

Sustainable Ag Field Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Sally works with the Sustainable Ag Field team to help ag retail and growers manage and participate in a wide variety of sustainability projects. Sally has worked in the sustainability and nutrient management field since completing her Ph.D work in Plant and Soil Science at the University of Vermont.







Chip Flory

Pro Farmer Editor Emeritus, AgriTalk Host, Farm Journal Economist

Chip joined Pro Farmer as a floor reporter for Futures World News in January 1988 after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Ag Journalism. He spent 3 years reporting from the floors of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as Bureau Chief for FWN.


Chip moved to the Pro Farmer headquarters in 1991 where he started as Electronic Services Editor. With Pro Farmer, he served as Sr. Market Analyst, General Manager, Editor of the company’s flagship newsletter for 17 years, Editorial Director and is now Editor Emeritus for Pro Farmer.


Chip is the host of Farm Journal Media’s issue- and market-driven AgriTalk radio. Each hour airs live on stations across the country and on the free “AgriTalk” app. Chip is also the Farm Journal Economist, providing market insights for readers in each issue of the company’s flagship magazine, Farm Journal.


Chip grew up on a farm in the east-central Iowa community of Oxford Junction. He has three grandchildren, two grown and married children, and he and his wife Sue live in Denver, Iowa.



Dave Fogel

Vice President/Ag Risk Management Advisor, Advance Trading, Inc.

Dave Fogel is a Vice President with Advance Trading Inc. and has been with the organization since 1984. He mentors close to 25 ATI branch brokers. His tenure with ATI has included working with both individual producer accounts and country grain elevators to assist with risk management needs. His client base stretches throughout the Corn Belt with a focus on corn, soybean, and wheat production as well as livestock/end-user accounts.





Scott Foxhoven

PhD Research Assistant, University of Illinois

Scott Foxhoven is a PhD Research Assistant under the advisement of Dr. Fred Below at the University of Illinois. His research focuses on using new innovations in fertilizer source and placement technology to maximize corn productivity and update the 4R’s nutrient stewardship model. He has frequently presented his research at regional and state level agronomy meetings and twice at the National Strip Till Conference. He is originally from northeast Nebraska where his first degree in agriculture came from his family farm and his second degree came from the agronomy program at South Dakota State University. He currently lives in Champaign, Illinois with his wife and newborn son and will graduate in May of 2022.



Jimmy Frederick

Farmer, Rulo, Nebraska

Jimmy Frederick is a world record holder for dryland soybeans, growing 148.8 bu/A in 2020. That topped his own mark of 138 set in 2018. Jimmy grows corn and soybeans across terraces, hills and bottom ground in the southwest corner of Nebraska. He’s become a pioneer in reducing soybean seeding rates. His record yield was grown with 70,000 seeds per acre. Plus, he applied no dry fertilizer.






Kelly Garrett

Farmer, Arion, Iowa

For as long as he can remember, Kelly Garrett wanted to be a farmer. For a while, he built houses and worked for a commercial insulation company before he started farming in 1998 near Arion, Iowa. The drought year of 2012 proved to be a turning point. Although profitable, the year was stressful due to drought. In January of 2013, he first learned of drip irrigation. After a frustrating start and a few years of trial and error, a 2016 yield of 290 bushels won the Iowa Corn Yield No-till Irrigated Class.


Garrett and his son accepted the award at the 2017 Commodity Classic. Several more state yield titles followed. He’s also part of the XtremeAg team in which farmers share and collaborate their experiences with others in an honest and unbiased environment. Garrett has also participated in a carbon sequestration program from Locus Agricultural Solutions called CarbonNOW, which uses Nori’s carbon marketplace. 



Matt Gast, USB Executive Committee

Innovation & Technology Priority Area Coordinator

Matt Gast is a first-generation farmer from Valley City, North Dakota, where he grows corn and soybeans. One of his goals for the operation is ensuring its longevity for his three sons: Jackson, Bentley and Easton. All three of them have a passion for farming and love riding along in all the equipment.


Matt is interested in maximizing profitability and sustainability not only on his farm but for all U.S soybean farmers. He is involved with the North Dakota Soybean Council and enjoys that no two days are the same as a farmer.


This is Matt’s third year serving as a farmer-leader on the United Soybean Board; he is a member of both the Executive Committee and the Value Alignment Committee. In addition, Matt is the Coordinator of the Innovation and Technology Priority Area.



Scott Gerlt

Economist, American Soybean Association

Scott Gerlt is the economist for the American Soybean Association, where he provides policy analysis and monitors markets to guide strategic organizational decisions. Prior to joining ASA in 2020, Scott was the program leader for U.S. crop policy and analysis at the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri. His position there involved him in the 2008, 2014 and 2018 farm bill evaluations for Congress. Scott has consulted or done analysis for or consulted with USDA, OECD and the Farm Credit System among others. He holds a bachelors and masters in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri.



 Will Griffin

Seed Protection Market Manager, Valent U.S.A.

Will Griffin is the seed protection market manager and he manages the seed protection brand strategy for Valent U.S.A.  In his role, Will manages the marketing, product development and pricing for seed protection products. He works with retailers, seed companies and other B2B partners as it pertains to direct sales and sourcing relationships. He has worked in agriculture professionally for 25 years but his experience started much before that working in his parent’s farm supply store. He later went on to get a BS from Mississippi State University in Agriculture Economics. He is an expert in the retail part of this business and the relationship between retail, distribution and manufacturing. He is proud to work at Valent to bring great products to market that meet grower needs and looks forward to continuing to grow the business, while growing personally and professionally.



Gil Gullickson

Executive Editor, Crops Technology, Successful Farming

As Executive Editor, Crops Technology, Gil Gullickson covers agronomy, seeds, chemicals, soils, soil fertility, digital agriculture, and climate change and carbon markets for Successful Farming magazine. He also writes for the website and appears on the Successful Farming television show.

Gullickson grew up on a Langford, South Dakota, farm and earned a degree in agronomy from South Dakota State University. He is past president of the Agricultural Communicators Network (ACN) and North American Agricultural Journalists.



Bob Gunzenhauser

Agronomy Science Manager, GranularBob Gunzenhauser is the Agronomy Science Manager for Granular.  During his 13 years at Corteva he’s led agronomic science, strategy, and software development efforts, generating insights for the digital world to engage effectively with farmers and their partners.  Bob currently leads a team of scientists, crop modelers and engineers to improve the accuracy and performance of the Granular Crop Model, the heart of Granular’s Nitrogen offerings.  He co-holds two patents in environmental modeling and has presented at numerous farmer and trade meetings.  In addition, Bob brings real-world experience to the role as a 5th generation farmer from south-central Iowa.





Jay Halbur

Farmer, Halbur Farms, Glidden, IA

Jay is a graduate of Iowa State University & Drake University Law School. He operates a corn & soybean farm with his family in Glidden, IA. They are focused on producing high yields with high efficiency across a large farm of 5000 acres that spans 4 Iowa counties. These practices have included precise fertilizer placement with a spoon-fed approach that must show a positive return on investment before a whole farm adoption occurs.




Brian Hefty and Darren Hefty

Hosts, Ag PhD TV & Founders, Hefty Seed Company

Brian and Darren Hefty manage their family business, Hefty Seed Company, which has grown to become one of the largest seed and crop protection companies in the country, helping farmers be successful with products and agronomic advice for more than 52 years. Darren and Brian also host Ag PhD TV, which has aired a brand new show every week for more than 23 years. Ag PhD is the number one agronomy show in the U.S. today, and is seen in several foreign countries, as well. In July 2013, Brian and Darren also launched Ag PhD Radio, a live hour-long call-in show airing weekdays at 2 p.m. CDT on Rural Radio SiriusXM Channel 147. Darren and Brian are both fourth-generation farmers, agronomists, and fathers. Brian and Darren are focused on how to help you increase yields, make more money on the farm, and leave the land and environment in better condition for future generations.



 Jason Henderson

Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Director of Purdue Extension

In this role, Jason leads the statewide public engagement and research-based education in Agricultural and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth Development, Health and Human Sciences, and Economic and Community Development. As Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Jason provides leadership in university-wide initiatives designed to connect Purdue expertise and resources to statewide needs and forming effective partnerships to grow the state economy and improve the quality of life for Indiana’s residents. 


Prior to being named Director of Extension, Jason served as Vice President and Omaha Branch Executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In that role, he served as the Bank’s regional economist and representative in the state of Nebraska, recruited and worked closely with the Branch's board of directors, and briefed the Kansas City Fed's president—a member of the Federal Open Market Committee—on economic and business activity in the state. In addition, Jason led several Federal Reserve efforts to track agricultural and rural economies, including the quarterly publication of the Tenth District Survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions and the Federal Reserve System’s Agricultural Finance Databook. He also managed the Main Street Economist, a bi-monthly publication covering economic issues affecting rural areas, and the Nebraska Economist, a quarterly publication providing insights into the Nebraska economy. Previously, he served as economist and senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Jason is a nationally recognized expert in agricultural and rural issues. He has published more than 60 research articles in academic and Federal Reserve publications on topics such as land values, entrepreneurship, demographics, the growth of knowledge-based activity in rural America, the use of electronic commerce in agricultural industries, and the growth of value-added food manufacturing activity. Jason speaks frequently to a wide range of business, financial and policy audiences across the United States and internationally. His research on the agricultural and rural economy has been quoted by policy officials, researchers, and leading media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times and USA Today. In addition, Jason has been interviewed on CNBC and Fox Business and provided testimony on agricultural credit conditions to congressional subcommittees.



Andy Hineman

Farmer, Hineman Farms, Lane County, Kansas

Hineman Farms was established in 1886 when Andy’s great-great-grandfather homesteaded in Lane County, Kansas. Andy’s children are currently the sixth generation to farm and care for the ground. Andy and his father, Don, together farm approximately 15,000 acres of dryland cropland and own approximately 1,000 acres of grassland that they rent to ranchers or use for custom grazing. With an annual rainfall average of 18” per year, the farm’s crop rotations consist of winter wheat, corn, sorghum and fallow. They utilize precision ag systems for variable rate fertilizer and seeding, yield management, in-crop scouting and general farm record keeping.


Conservation practices are very important to the Hineman farm. Nearly every acre is enrolled in the Conservation Stewardship Program, and they also have 11 prairie potholes enrolled in the CRP – CP38B Playa program. Wildlife habitat and conservation are equally important as they have worked with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism to complete two pheasant habitat improvement areas and plant hundreds of shrubs as well as pollinator plots.  Various portions of the farm are enrolled in Kansas Walk-In Hunting programs on a yearly basis.



Mitchell Hora

Continuum Ag, Washington, Iowa

This central Iowa farmer created Continuum Ag, a fast-growing company that quantifies and improves soil health. He recently won the prestigious Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge for advancements in soil health and had a meeting with The White House on soil carbon.








Delaney Howell, M.S.

Founder/Owner/CEO, AgCulture Media LLC

Delaney Howell grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Southeast Iowa and has been involved in agriculture from an incredibly young age and brings her unique perspective to audiences all over the globe. She holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Communications from Texas Tech University and has spent nearly a decade in the ag media realm.


You may recognize Delaney from her role as former television host of the long running agribusiness show “Market to Market”, or from the daily podcast she launched in 2017, Ag News Daily, and in 2018 launched Global Ag Network, a “herd” of agriculturally focused podcasts, which provide entertaining, informative and essential information to the agricultural industry.


In 2020 Delaney was named as one of AgGrad's “30 under 30 in Agriculture” for her strong passion for entrepreneurship - most notably due to founding three distinct agricultural marketing and digital media companies in the past five years.  She also serves as the regional Vice President for the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. 


Day-to-day Delaney always has her ear to the ground to help her bring the most up-to-date information pertaining to farmers on the latest “news cycle” in DC politics, commodity markets, and the international agricultural trade scene from her travels in 23 countries.



 Dave Hula


In 2003, Hula won his first National High Yield Contest with 322 bushels-per-acre, following up the next year with another win that yielded 339 bushels-per-acre. Another first place finish in 2007 at 385 bushels demonstrated Hula’s dedication to push the limits of high-yield farming to produce steady growth rates year over year. With each progressive year as a contestant in the contest he honed his technique to produce numbers that finally reached any farmer’s ultimate goal, the world record in corn yield in 2013 with 454 bushels-per-acre.  David is well known as the irrigated corn king.


Once described as progressive, aggressive, driven and innovative David spoke about his commitment to a high yield program year after year with Delta Farm Press in 2015 after setting the world record saying, “I hate to use this word, but it all comes back to the fact that there are no silver bullets in growing high-yield corn. We’ve been working on this a long time, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years. We started out trying to grow more than 200 bushels, then 250, then 300, then 350 and now this.”


Known as one of the top farmers in the world and a leader in the industry, Hula often participates in making educational videos and other media about high yield corn farming, sharing insights and tips on his own successes. When not working on the farm, Hula enjoys hunting and often participates in research programs with universities across Virginia. He is well known as the irrigated corn king for his massive 542 bu/a national high yield corn contest entry!


In 2019, David Hula broke all previous records and harvested a whopping 616 bushel per acre contest plot.


Ben Johnson 

Co-Founder, Grain Weevil, Aurora, Nebraska

The Grain Weevil is a grain bin safety and management robot that directly engages the surface of the grain. Grain bins are dirty, dangerous workplaces. The Grain Weevil keeps that farmer with a shovel out of the bin by leveling, breaking crusts, doing inspections, and feeding grain into the extraction augers.



Chad Johnson

Co-Founder, Grain Weevil, Aurora, Nebraska

The Grain Weevil is a grain bin safety and management robot that directly engages the surface of the grain. Grain bins are dirty, dangerous workplaces. The Grain Weevil keeps that farmer with a shovel out of the bin by leveling, breaking crusts, doing inspections, and feeding grain into the extraction augers.



Josh Johnston

AgriGold Regional Agronomist, Mid-South U.S.

Josh Johnston is an AgriGold Agronomist in the Mid-South. He is very service-oriented, so a support role as an agronomist is a perfect fit. He graduated from Berea College in 2001 with a degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources and has worked in the agriculture field ever since. Starting as an operator at Miles Farm Supply and then as a fee-for-service crop scout. Josh started working with AgriGold in 2008 and quickly partnered with his sales team to help lead the sales conversation with agronomy. 

He has a beautiful wife of 17 years, Ashley, and three beautiful children Sam 14, Libby, 12, and Levi, 10, which keep him motivated every day. They love being together and are all active in their church. In their free time, they enjoy fishing/boating and playing music.



 Jolene Keim

Corn & Soybean Production System Marketing Manager

Originally from Minnesota, Jolene grew up and worked alongside her family on a row crop/beef farm. Continuing in agriculture, she received a BS in Agricultural Business from the University of Minnesota. Over her 20 years with John Deere, she has held various roles in product marketing, go-to-market, and sales. She continued her education by obtaining a MS in Agricultural Economics for Purdue University and a MBA from Indiana University.






Matt Kestel

Agronomist, Pivot Bio

Matt provides technical and agronomic support to Pivot Bio sales teams, including best practices for application, planting practices, product demonstration, product placement and training. Matt obtained his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and his Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business from Iowa State University.



Kevin Kimberley

President, Kimberley Ag Consulting

Kevin Kimberley bought his first seed meter calibration stand in 1980. This led to a lifelong business devoted to improving planting. Kimberley has often been featured as the “Planter Doctor” in Successful Farming® magazine. Today, Kimberley and his son, Brock, are on-farm consultants who specialize in planter and tillage performance and who also operate a business devoted to rebuilding and calibrating seed meters. Kimberley utilizes his tried-and-true techniques to get more out of equipment as well as trouble-shooting and customizing solutions for each new issue that arises. Visit Kimberley Ag Consulting web site at You can contact Kimberley at 515/238-8132 or




Al Kluis

Managing Director, Kluis Commodity Advisors

Al Kluis has been a commodity adviser and broker since 1976. Kluis is an introducing broker with Wedbush and is the managing director of Kluis Commodity Advisors and Kluis Commodity Publishing in Wayzata, Minnesota.  He writes a column, Your Profit, which appears in every issue of Successful Farming® magazine. Kluis has published two books on commodities trading. He is the author of the weekly commodity advisory newsletter, The Al Kluis Report, and works with a team to send out daily email reports to 2,500 subscribers by email and on his mobile app.


Kluis, a Minnesota farmboy, was awarded his degree in Ag Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1974, after which he was executive director of the Minnesota Soybean Association before entering the markets full time. For more than 40 years, Kluis has been devoted to helping farmers succeed at marketing their grain.



Michael Langemeier

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University and Associate Director, Center for Commercial Agriculture

Michael Langemeier joined Purdue University in July 2012. Michael’s Extension and research interests include cropping systems, benchmarking, strategic management, cost of production, and technical and economic efficiency. Most of Michael’s research has focused on the efficiency of farms and ranches, and crop and livestock enterprise production costs and efficiency. He has also conducted research related to tillage systems, biomass crops and the tradeoff between crop rotation profitability and water quality.

Prior to arriving at Purdue, Michael spent 22 years in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. In addition to working on Extension and research projects, Michael taught courses in economic theory and farm management and worked closely with the Kansas Farm Management Association. He also conducted workshops for feed mill managers, emphasizing the importance of tracking financial performance, benchmarking and capital budgeting. 


In addition to conducting numerous workshops and presenting Extension and research information to numerous audiences in the United States, Michael has conducted workshops and given presentations in Australia, China, Ecuador, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and Tanzania. He is currently involved in agribenchmark, an international benchmarking group centered in Germany. 

Michael received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a doctorate from Purdue University. Michael’s family operates farms in eastern Nebraska.



Ed Lammers, USB Secretary

Health & Nutrition Priority Area Coordinator

Ed Lammers is from Hartington, Nebraska, and grows soybeans, corn, alfalfa and rye, raises 200 stock cow beef and buys 500 head of calves to finish along with his home-raised calves. Ed farms with his son, and his goal is to be profitable while transitioning his son into full ownership. This is Ed’s sixth year serving on the United Soybean Board. He serves as Secretary of the board and is a member of the Value Alignment Committee. In addition, he is the coordinator of the Health and Nutrition Priority Area. In addition to his role on USB, he is involved in the U.S. Meat Export Federation and Nebraska Soybean Board, director on Cedar Knox Public Power Board, president of his parish council and a member of his parish finance committee. He believes staying ahead of competitors in technology, soybean composition, marketing and sustainability are crucial for the soybean industry. Infrastructure and biotechnology are other opportunities for improvement in the U.S. soybean industry.



Jason Lee

Global Agronomy and Farm Solutions Manager, AGCO Corporation

Jason Lee was raised in rural South Dakota and was actively involved with the farming community through raising cattle and working in Ag retail. Jason Lee holds a Ph.D. in Agronomy from Purdue University and has an extensive background in corn and soybean production, soil fertility management, and crop protection. While completing advanced degrees at Purdue University, Jason was actively involved with agronomy extension activities and on-farm research. His research has focused on seeding rates, soil fertility and plant nutrition management, and biological stimulants in corn production.



Tammy Lee

Production Agriculture, Marketing Manager, Agricultural & Turf Division, John Deere
Tammy Lee serves as the Production Agriculture, Marketing Manager within John Deere’s Agricultural & Turf Division.  In this role, she leads a team of marketing experts for Tractors, Harvesting, Application, Planting/Seeding, and Tillage equipment.  In her 27 years with John Deere, she has held many roles in Sales, Marketing, Aftermarket Sales, Customer Support and Training throughout the US and is very knowledgeable about bringing Production Ag products to market.


After growing up on horse ranch in Oklahoma, Tammy earned a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University and currently resides in Olathe, KS.



Adam Litle

CEO, Sound Agriculture

Adam leads Sound Agriculture's strategy and overall company execution. He joined to help serve both producers and consumers with more sustainable, differentiated crops. Prior to Sound, Adam was on the founding team and served as Chief Revenue Officer of Granular, the leading farm management software company acquired by Corteva in 2017. Before that he was General Manager of the cellulase enzyme business at Codexis, a publicly-traded industrial biotech company serving the healthcare and agriculture industries. He began his career as an investment banker at Barclays Capital. Adam has a JD/MBA from the University of Michigan and BA from Yale University. He lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and two sons.



Dennis Long

National Technical Service and Development Manager, Belchim Crop Protection USA

Dennis Long is the National Technical Service and Development Manager of Belchim Crop Protection USA, an agrochemical and biological company focused on crop protection and pest mitigation. Dennis joined Belchim USA in 2018 and has since undertaken the development and implementation of field research and demonstration trials. 


Well known within the academic world of agriculture, Dennis works hand in hand with universities across the nation to conduct on-farm research and coordinate directly with crop consultants to help educate and disseminate the innovation of the Belchim USA product suite. With 35 years in the field, Dennis has held positions in research and development, sales, regulatory affairs, technical service, and technical product manager. Notable tenures have been with ADAMA, AgraQuest, AMCY, FMC Corporation, and UCB Chemicals. Dennis holds an M.S. in Entomology from Louisiana State University and a B.S. Biology from Georgia Southern University.



Luis Macias

CEO & Co-Founder, GrainChain

Luis is a serial inventor and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience designing and implementing technological solutions in the agriculture, government, and insurance sectors. He has been CEO of numerous startups with successful exits. Luis has spent the last eight years focusing on viable agricultural solutions, where he founded and implemented SiloSys and developed GrainChain’s transaction platform using blockchain and smart contracts.  He has become a pioneer in blockchain technology and is a frequent featured speaker at agricultural and technology conferences around the globe. His relentless commitment, experience and guidance in the agriculture and technology sectors ensures that GrainChain will remain the leader in its market space.



Autumn Marger

Farmer and Crop Insurance Agent, Parke County, Indiana

Autumn Marger resides in Parke County, Indiana with her husband and three children. Together with her husband's family, they are engaged in a family farm and trucking company. The family grows corn and soybeans and participates in the Truterra carbon program. Their farm has been mostly no-till since the late 90's. Autumn has also been employed in the agriculture industry for 14 years. She managed a small grain elevator for seven years and is now a self-employed crop insurance agent in Indiana and Illinois.



Mac Marshall

VP, Market Intelligence, United Soybean Board

Mac Marshall serves as the VP, Market Intelligence for the United Soybean Board. In this capacity Mac works with USB leadership in evaluating and establishing long-term strategic initiatives in support of advancing domestic and international market opportunities for the US soybean industry. He also serves as an industry source of market information and analysis on behalf of both USB and the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC)


Mac came to USB and USSEC in 2020 from Bayer Crop Science, where he worked on international market access issues as part of a global agricultural policy team. Prior to Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto, Mac worked in Monsanto’s Global Strategy group with focus on commodity market analysis in support of the company’s long-term strategy setting and understanding of near-term market dynamics. Before joining Monsanto in 2014, Mac served as a staff economist at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics with focus on agricultural commodities and later as a supervisory economist leading a team of economists covering service industries. He holds a BA in economics from Vassar College and an MA in applied economics from Johns Hopkins University.



Kevin Matthews 

Farmer, East Bend, North Carolina

Kevin and his wife, Cindy, own and operate Matthews Family Farms of North Carolina, Inc., Precision Nutrient Management, Inc., and Deep Creek Grain, Inc. in East Bend and Yadkinville.






Greg McClure

Farmer, St. Francisville, IL

Greg McClure is a perennial soybean yield champion in Illinois, topping 100 bu/A multiple years in a row. Greg is also a 2021 National Corn Yield Contest state winner with 309 bu/A.








Mark McConnnell

Assistant Professor of Upland Birds, Mississippi State University

Received BS from LSU, MS and PhD from MSU.  Published the first research evaluating the economic outcomes of Farm Bill conservation enrollment using precision agriculture technology. Has since published multiple papers illustrating how precision agriculture technology can identify overlap in conservation and economic opportunities in agricultural landscapes.  Currently Assistant Professor of Upland Birds at Mississippi State University. Avid bird hunter, amateur dog trainer, mediocre fly-fisherman.






  Chris McLeland

VP of Conservation Delivery, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever

Chris McLeland is the VP of Conservation Delivery for Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever. His primary responsibilities are to oversee all field operations specifically as they relate to partnership and program development and the implementation of conservation programs. Chris a graduate of the University of Missouri and has degrees in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and Wildlife Ecology. Chris currently lives in Hallsville, Missouri with his wife and two daughters. Prior to joining PF/QF, Chris served 13 years with the Missouri Department of Conservation with much of that time spent within the Private Land Services Division. During his time with MDC, Chris severed in varying capacities, working both as a private land’s biologist, state programs biologist, working in the NRCS State Office and regional supervisor. Chris has developed a vast network of relationships and partnerships with staff from all over the Midwest and within a wide range of agencies.



Nick McMichen

Farmer, McMichen Farms, Georgia & Alabama

Nick McMichen operates a 2,400-acre, sixth generation cotton farm in Georgia and Alabama where he implements numerous conservation practices to help improve local quail populations in addition to his own farm’s productivity and profitability. McMichen employs precision agriculture to identify unproductive acres and use those acres for wildlife friendly conservation practices that directly benefit his land use goals and production strategies. These practices have included quail habitat in field borders as well as native plantings in drainage ditch corridors and buffers. McMichen is dedicated to the integration of conservation into his farm and believes it is an essential part of being a farmer and steward to the land and the environment.



Seth Meyer

Chief Economist, USDA

Dr. Seth Meyer was appointed USDA’s Chief Economist in January of 2020, returning to USDA after two years. Prior to his return, Seth was a Research Professor and the Associate Director for the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri. FAPRI is well known for its agricultural policy and market analysis, being called on by Congress and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its insight into commodity production, price, farm income and trade impacts from various agricultural policies including Farm Bill proposals, trade agreements and disruptions, and crop insurance. 


Dr. Meyer was previously the head of the World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) in the Office of the Chief Economist (OCE), the agency at USDA charged with bringing together USDA resources in the assessment of crops around the world. The OCE also publishes those findings in the ‘WASDE’ report which is closely watched by agricultural markets here and abroad. 


Previously, Dr. Meyer served as an economist with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and as a visiting scholar at several research institutions around the world. Dr. Meyer grew up in eastern Iowa and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri.



Michelle Miller 

The Farm Babe

Michelle brings high energy, wit and advocacy for our nation’s farmers – along with thousands of loyal social media followers. Among her achievements was getting Burger King to tone down on a national campaign that was insulting to our nation’s beef producers, by leading a social media campaign that led to a personal meeting with the Burger King’s Chief Marketing Officer.



Matt Miles

Farmer, McGehee, Arkansas

Matt Miles is a fourth-generation farmer in southeast Arkansas who grows corn, soybeans, rice, and cotton.








James Mintert

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University and Director, Center for Commercial Agriculture

James Mintert is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics where he serves as director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture, teaches commodity futures principles, and is one of the principal investigators for the Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer, a nationwide monthly sentiment survey of U.S. agricultural producers. Before taking on his role as Center for Commercial Agriculture director, Jim served as Purdue’s assistant director of Extension for agriculture and natural resources. Prior to joining Purdue’s faculty, Jim was a professor and extension economist in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University for over two decades. He holds B.S and M.S. degrees in agricultural economics from Purdue University and a doctorate from the University of Missouri. 


Over the course of his career, Jim has received numerous awards, including Outstanding Extension Program Awards from both the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association and the Western Agricultural Economics Association, in addition to the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association’s Premier Forecaster Award for his production and price forecasts. The author of more than 250 publications focusing on the economics of the farm economy, Mintert addresses a variety of farm and agribusiness audiences around the nation each year. Jim acquired his interest in agriculture while working on his family’s corn, soybean and wheat operation in the Mississippi and Missouri river bottoms, just north of St. Louis. 



Mike Moechnig

Field Science Biology Team Leader for Plant/Soil Health, Corteva Agriscience

Mike Moechnig is the Field Science Biology Team Leader for plant/soil health for Corteva Agriscience in North America. His research efforts in Corteva focus on improving crop use efficiency of limited resources, such as water and nutrients.  He manages a field research program in the US and Canada regarding a range of biostimulants and Corteva’s nitrogen stabilizers among several crop species.  His efforts support product advancement spanning a wide range of progression, from early-stage discovery to development to post-launch.  Mike received his Ph D from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and served as the Extension Weed Specialist for South Dakota State University for 7 years prior to transitioning to Corteva where he has been a Field Scientist for 8 years.



Whitney Monin

AgriGold National Agronomy Manager

Whitney is a self-proclaimed plant nerd. Lover of Agriculture and an advocate for women and youth in Agriculture. Whitney grew up on a small hobby farm in Central Kentucky. It was here that her passion for agriculture and rural communities blossomed. She holds an MS in Integrated Plant and Soil Science from the University of Kentucky, a BS in Agriculture, and a BA in Communication Studies from Western Kentucky University. 


For the last seven years, Whitney has served farmers in the field through many Agronomic roles. Using a 'boots on the ground' perspective, she is responsible for supporting the AgriGold Agronomy organization in meeting goals and delivering the highest quality agronomic service at the farm gate.



Tyne Morgan

Host & Executive Producer, U.S. Farm Report

Tyne Morgan is doing what she calls her "dream job." She’s a Missouri girl who has generations of agriculture rooted in her blood. Through public speaking and various contest teams, she actually plunged into broadcast at the young age of 16, working for the local radio station KMZU in Carrollton, Mo.


Tyne attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where she majored in Agricultural Journalism, with an emphasis in broadcast, graduating in 2008.


After spending numerous hours on the road as AgDay and U.S. Farm Report National Reporter, in 2014, Tyne was named the first female Host of U.S. Farm Report. She’s only the fourth host of the show, following Orion Samuelson, Max Armstrong and John Phipps. As an award-winning journalist, Tyne continues to take a deep dive into the news and issues farmers are facing today, while also sharing stories from across rural America.


More important than any title she holds today, is her title of “Mom.”  Tyne and her husband James have two daughters. Three years ago, Tyne started calling Missouri “home” again, as they made the decision to plant their roots back in Missouri and relocate from Indiana. 



 Danny Morris

Lecturer, Agricultural Economics, University of Tennessee

Danny Morris is an agricultural economics lecturer at the University of Tennessee, where he teaches farm and range management, agricultural finance and other agricultural economic courses focused on production economics. He also provides independent consulting with producers and helps them plan their farms’ finances. Morris operates a fifth-generation cattle farm in Bradford, TN, with his father. They finish cattle out to slaughter and directly market their beef to local customers.






Dave Mowitz

Executive Editor, Machinery, Successful Farming

Dave Mowitz was raised on the plains of Nebraska tending to chores on an irrigated family farm, part of which he owns today. After various stints at other publications and managing the largest irrigated farm show in the country, Mowitz came to Successful Farming® magazine and, covering the topics of agronomy, machinery, and technology. Today he serves the nation’s farmers as Executive Editor of Successful Farming and Editor of the Ageless Iron Almanac.




 Chip Nellinger

Risk Management Consultant & Futures Market Specialist

Chip was raised on a grain and livestock farm in N. Central Illinois and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a BS in Economics. His experience includes four years on the floor of CBOT for International Commercial Grain Hedging. He has been a Licensed Commodity Broker - Risk Management for Top PRoducers for 25 years and has been an Illinois-licensed crop insurance agent for 17 years. Chip is currently a commodity analyst on US Farm Report, Ag Day, RFD-TV, WILL & WNAX radio. A 15 year cancer survivor, Chip is also a member of the Agriculture Advisory Council of Illinois Central College.





Lone Nilsson

Novozymes Agriculture and Industrial Biosolutions VP of Applied Research

For nearly 20 years, Lone Dybdal Nilsson has been a leader in biological research and development at Novozymes. As the Vice President of R&D for Agriculture and Industrial Biosolutions she is responsible for the development of new sustainable biosolutions for the agricultural and industrial sectors at Novozymes; spanning crop and livestock farming, grain processing, bioenergy, water, fats and oils, forestry, and textiles, among others. 


Lone is passionate about contributing to a world where an increasing number of people can obtain and sustain health and high standards of living, in a way that is also good for the Earth. She holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and is a Copenhagen Business School, IMD and INSEAD alumni.


Keith O'Bryan

Director, Product Development, Pivot Bio
As an agronomy expert, Keith leads the development of various products at Pivot Bio as well as supports field agronomy teams. Keith holds his Ph.D. in Agronomy, Weed Science from the University of Florida.



Tom Oswald

Farmer and United Soybean Board member, Cleghorn, Iowa

Tom Oswald grows soybeans, corn, and some waterway hay on his farm in Cleghorn, Iowa. This is his eighth year serving on the United Soybean Board, where he serves on the Executive Committee and is the chair of the Supply Action Team. Tom’s goals are to produce high yields, be profitable enough to enjoy life, keep soil quality high, and reduce surface water runoff as much as is practical. On the production side, he will continue to no-till, strip-till, and run on-farm trials. He is looking at cover crops for soil and water quality.


In addition to his role on USB, Tom is a member of the Iowa Soybean Association, American Soybean Association, and county Farm Bureau Board. He is also a member of the Iowa Corn Growers Association and National Corn Growers Association.


Tom enjoys traveling, playing guitar, reading, and learning.



Michael Ott 

Rantizo CEO & Founder, Iowa City, Iowa

Rantizo addresses both the field needs of farmers and the business needs of custom applicators with the platform’s combination of autonomous hardware and user-friendly software.




Lina Pham

Go-to-Market Manager, John Deere

With a background in marketing, sales and aftermarket, Lina has been with John Deere for 14 years. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign and a Master’s of Agribusiness from Kansas State University.








Jason and Paige Pratt

Farmers, Southwest Virginia

Jason and Paige Pratt own and operate a purebred Angus operation located in Southwest Virginia. The couple hold two sales per year marketing 150 head of bulls and females annually. Jason farms full-time. Paige works for Neogen Beef Cattle Genomics in addition to her work as a professional speaker and farm transition facilitator. The Pratts enjoy farming with their children, Elizabeth and Garrett.




Stephen Peterson

District Manager, Syngenta

Stephen Peterson is a District Manager for Syngenta Crop Protection, a global leader at providing essential inputs to growers, including crop protection, seeds and seed treatments along with traits. Peterson leads a sales team in the eastern corn belt to ensure local retailers and growers have access to the products, tools and services they need to produce a vibrant and productive crop. He’s spent time in both sales and marketing roles and currently works to align the local sales team, product marketing, agronomic technical services, production and supply to help retailers grow their businesses and growers increase their operations’ productivity.


Ernie Sanders

Vice President, Product Development, Pivot Bio

Ernie oversees the design, development and launch strategy of new Pivot Bio products. He oversees field trials, analyzes performance data and studies Pivot Bio products’ efficacy in the field. He worked for nearly four decades at global agriscience firm Monsanto, where he specialized in research, technology direction and corporate strategy. He holds a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Memphis



Arthur Santos

Marketing Manager, Fendt Planters, NA

Arthur is originally from the South of Brazil where he got a bachelor on Control and Automation Engineering and then Post-graduated on Project Management. He started his career in the automotive industry in 2003 before joining AGCO in 2008 in the Engineering Department and working on the development of AGCO’s first Massey Ferguson Sprayer. Aside from the Engineering experience Arthur has worked for over eight years with Technical Services and Support and After Sales Management. Most recently he has joined the Marketing organization and has been responsible for the market launch of the Fendt Momentum Planters.





Steve Schany

AgriGold Regional Agronomist, Western IA

Born and raised in rural Northwest IA on a 4th generation family farm, it was here where he learned the value of helping people succeed and developed the desire to pursue a career in agriculture. Steve is a certified crop advisor & holds a BS in agronomy from Iowa State University. 


For the past twelve years, Steve has provided agronomic support to farmers through various roles involving precision agriculture & ag retail. Currently, he is responsible for delivering product advancement & agronomic support for AgriGold's Western Iowa Sales Team.



Fred Seamon

Executive Director of Commodity Research and Product Development, CME Group

Fred Seamon serves as Executive Director, Agricultural Research and Product Development of CME Group. He leads the team responsible for conducting research on the structure and performance of agricultural markets, including investigating the feasibility and developing specifications for new futures and options products globally.







Kenneth Seebold

Product Development Manager - Seed Protection, Valent U.S.A.

Kenny Seebold is a product development manager at Valent U.S.A. He has been with Valent for six years but has worked in the agricultural industry for nearly 30 years. In his role, he works to develop and maintain products for Valent’s seed protection portfolio and explains he has thorough knowledge of plant disease management and mycology, the study of fungi. Prior to working at Valent, he spent 14 years working as an Extension plant pathologist for prominent agricultural universities. Kenny is passionate about finding new solutions to the toughest diseases growers face and working to bring those to the marketplace.





Aaron Smith

U.S. Product Manager for Soybean Herbicides, Corteva Agriscience

Aaron Smith is the U.S. Product Manager for Soybean Herbicides at Corteva Agriscience. He is responsible for the development and execution of the annual soybean herbicide marketing plan. Aaron has a strong background in agriculture where he has served in both sales and marketing roles throughout his career with experience in seed and crop protection across the U.S. markets. With his sales and marketing background from across the industry, Aaron brings energy and creativity while designing and enabling an industry leading soybean herbicide portfolio. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Economics from Purdue University.




Landon Smith

Whispering Willow Farms, Parker City, I

Located in East Central Indiana, Landon raises corn, soybeans, and wheat on 3,000 acres and owns and operates a custom bin building, custom hay operation, and a fabrication company. A vital component of the fabrication is a line of seed treatment equipment. Landon's opportunity to farm came from a neighboring farmer. Landon first started working for this neighbor, then began the process of buying him out over several years. Landon has kept ROI as his highest focus. That focus has allowed him to grow in acres and flexibility to try new practices for higher yields.



Mike Steenhoek

Executive Director, Soy Transportation Coalition

Mike Steenhoek is executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition (STC), an initiative established in 2007 and comprised of the United Soybean Board, the American Soybean Association, and thirteen state soybean boards.  The Soy Transportation Coalition exists to promote a cost effective, reliable, and competitive transportation system that serves the agriculture industry. 


As executive director of the STC, Mike’s responsibilities include communicating the initiative and the importance of transportation issues to soybean growers and processors; establishing and executing the organization’s strategic direction; and building collaborations with other effected industries.


Mike is a member of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness and the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Freight Advisory Council.


Prior to his work on the STC, Mike worked for United States Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa) for eight years – both in Washington, DC, and most recently in Des Moines, Iowa.  In Washington, DC, Mike served as the Senator’s scheduler and frequent speechwriter.  In Des Moines, Mike served as Senator Grassley’s director of economic development.


Mike received both his undergraduate degree and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.



Joe Stephan

AgriGold Regional Agronomist, SW Michigan

Joe resides in Northern Indiana, where he has continued his passion for agriculture. He began tending to the family grain and commercial cattle farm at an early age. While at Purdue, Joe realized agronomy as his favorite area of study. After earning a B.S. degree at Purdue, twenty-four years with AgriGold, and a lifetime of being on his fourth-generation family farm, Joe's experience has established him as a trusted partner for customers and AgriGold employees. As a lifelong learner, Joe is constantly looking for ways to bring learnings and methods for heightened productivity to other farmers.





 Daniel Stephenson, Ph.D.

Professor, Louisiana State University’s College of Agriculture

Daniel Stephenson has been with the LSU AgCenter since 2008 and is based at the Dean Lee Research and Extension Center near Alexandria, LA. His work focuses on identifying effective weed control strategies in row crops, including corn, soybeans and cotton.


Arlan Suderman

Chief Commodities Economist, StoneX Group Inc. - FCM Division

Arlan Suderman is the Chief Commodities Economist for StoneX Group Inc. – FCM Division, a financial services provider for global markets. Suderman oversees the company’s commodity market intelligence efforts. He provides unique market insight on global macro-economic trends and their implications for the commodity markets.


Suderman is a leading commentator in the Ag commodity sector, with particular expertise in the interaction with the broader markets.


Previously, Suderman served as Senior Market Analyst at Water Street Solutions, an agricultural consulting firm.


Prior to that, Suderman was a Market Analyst for Farm Futures magazine and, while also providing written daily market commentary for Farm Progress Companies’ family of state and regional publications and websites.


Suderman started his career with the Kansas Extension Service, developing educational programming focused on crop production, marketing and risk management. He later worked for a private consulting service helping farmers with marketing and risk management.


A graduate of Kansas State University, with a degree specializing in Animal Science & Industry, Suderman has an expertise and passion for the markets that gives him valuable insight into the realities of macro-economic trends and how they influence the commodity markets. He shares his market commentary daily on Twitter with nearly 38,000 followers, as well as on StoneX’s Market Intelligence Web site. Arlan can be heard daily on many radio stations across the Midwest as well as on Sirius XM Rural Radio and weekly on RFD-TV's Market Day Report.



Nathanael Thompson

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Nathan Thompson joined the Purdue faculty in February 2016 upon earning his Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University. In addition to teaching Purdue’s capstone farm management class, Thompson has a strong interest in interdisciplinary, applied research with practical implications for producers. His research and extension programs focus on examining the profitability of new production and management practices, with a specific emphasis on risk management as it pertains to farm-level decision making. Nathan took the lead in developing the Center for Commercial Agriculture’s Crop Basis Tool, which provides weekly updates of current and historical corn and soybean basis data for Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. In some of his most recent research, Thompson has been examining how adoption of various precision agriculture technologies affects farm profitability.



Ryan Tichich

Corn Agronomic Systems Team Lead, North America Market Development, Bayer Crop Science

Ryan Tichich is the North America Corn Agronomic Systems Team Lead within Market Development.  He joined the MD team in 2019 and his team is focused on characterizing products to assure they meet the needs of growers and customers.  Key areas include weed, insect and disease management along with germplasm characterization.  Ryan started his career at Bayer (via Monsanto) in 2006.  Prior to joining Market Development, he held several roles in R&D, including early pipeline yield and stress trait assessment, Corn Trait Integration Product Assessment, field testing leadership,  and developing centralized planning and automated seed package filling approaches for the breeding teams.


Ryan and his four children live in O’fallon, MO and are busy with activities, sports and academic endeavors of the family.  In his free time, Ryan enjoys running, playing ice hockey, and visiting scenic and inspiring areas, often involving hiking.



Jon Treloar

Technical Agronomist, Novozymes BioAg

Jon Treloar is the Technical Sales Support lead for Novozymes BioAg's North American Commercial Team. With expertise in field trials, agronomy, soil health and sustainable agriculture, he has a passion for the use and adoption of biologicals in agriculture. He holds a B.Sc. in Agroecology from The University of British Columbia and a M.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan.  Jon has been instrumental in the development and promotion of new biological solutions for growers. Jon resides in Saskatoon as he has a fondness of bitter cold coupled with a fear of mountains.



Doug and Ben Turley

Turley Farms, Clay, KY

Turley Farms is a second-generation farming operation located in Clay, KY, established with a humble beginning of 300 acres in 1978 by Steve Turley and today farm close to 5,000. In 2010 Steve's sons Doug and Ben formed a partnership and took over the family farm. They are a diverse farming organization growing field crops like corn, soybean, and wheat and livestock such as cattle and hogs. They are great stewards of the crop, eagerly wanting to learn how to improve.








Ed Usset

Grain Marketing Specialist, University of Minnesota

Ed is a Farm Futures contributing editor who writes the Advanced Marketing Class column in Farm Futures. In 2018 he published a second edition of his book, "Grain Marketing is Simple (it’s just not easy)." Usset was instrumental in reinventing the fantasy grain marketing learning tool “Commodity Challenge”




Brad Van De Woestyne

John Deere Corn & Soybean Agronomist

With a background in agronomy, sensors and data, Brad has been with John Deere for 15 years. He also owns and manages a family farm operation in Illinois. Brad has a B.S. in Crop Science from the University of Illinois, a PhD in Agronomy from Iowa State University and a Certificate in Systems Design & Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.







Brian Waugh

Regional Manager, AgroLiquid

One of Brian’s proudest accomplishments is working with individuals to develop them into a stellar regional, field team. Throughout his career, Brian has motivated and encouraged his field teams to build confidence, deepen experiences, and strengthen customer relationships. Brian hails from western Kansas where he says agriculture is in everything you do. He grew up working for neighbor farmers and raised livestock. That passion followed him to college as he earned a BS degree in Agricultural Business and Management from Fort Hays State University. With over twenty years at AgroLiquid, Brian embodies the company mission – to prosper the farmer. At AgroLiquid, the focus is on crop nutrition and fertility. Brian and his team place the same emphasis on their work as he notes ‘when raising crops, soil is everything.’ In his spare time, you can find Brian in the great outdoors fishing, camping, kayaking, and spending time with his lovely wife, children, and grandchildren.



David Widmar

Co-Founder, Ag Economic Insights

David Widmar is an agricultural economist specializing in ag trends and the farm economy. Through his research, he supports agribusinesses and farmers with their strategic and planning efforts. David’s current work can be found at Ag Economic Insights ( which he co-founded with Dr. Brent Gloy in 2014.





Brent Wilson

Leader of Product Management and Agronomy for the Pioneer

Brent Wilson serves as Leader of Product Management and Agronomy for the Pioneer brand in the US. In the past 35+ years with Pioneer, he has held various roles associated with crop management in both the sales and research areas. His current role is to support the team of Field and Product Agronomists with systems, processes and information to advance the best products, learn those products and position them with our customers with a high degree of crop management information. Brent holds a B.S. in Agronomy and Pest Management from Iowa State University and Masters of Agronomy from Iowa State University.

  Sam Wilson

Technology Sales Specialist, Ag Leader

Sam’s spent his entire professional career helping farmers achieve better agronomic and economic returns. His common-sense approach focuses on investing in the right technologies and implementing them in a practical manner.



Yancy Wright

Small Grains Business Agronomy Test Lead, John Deere

Yancy’s been with John Deere for 18 years and has a background in agronomy, product marketing and sales. He remains active in the American Society of Agronomy and holds a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) certification. He has a B.S. in Plant & Soil Sciences plus a Master’s in Science in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma Stage University.




Stephanie Zelinko

National Agronomist, AgroLiquid

Stephanie Zelinko’s passion for agriculture started early. Growing up on a cash crop farm in Mid-Michigan, farming has always been part of her life. Building off that passion, she attended Michigan State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Crop and Soil Sciences. Upon graduation she began working as a researcher for AgroLiquid; a role she expanded and enhanced over nearly 19 years. Her efforts to broaden her skillset led her to attain a Master of Science in Research Administration from Central Michigan University in 2017. Her current position is National Agronomist, where she serves as the bridge between AgroLiquid’s sales, agronomy, and research teams. Stephanie is dedicated to evaluating soil and cropping systems to develop sound recommendations and provide agronomic solutions for growers. Farming around 4,000 acres with her husband, she understands the importance that good agronomics plays in successful farming.