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What to Expect


  • Meals

    Depending on the registration package you choose, you may have some meals included. Tickets for prepaid meals-including association banquets/dinners-will be tucked inside the sleeve that holds your name badge.  Trade show meals included with full and one-day registrations include Tuesday lunch, Wednesday lunch and Thursday morning snack.  Present your name badge at the Food & Seating Areas in Aisles 500 and 4000 on the trade show floor to receive your meal.  A separate meal ticket is not required.

  • Trade Show
    The trade show officially opens on Tuesday, and it remains open during most of the remainder of Commodity Classic. Check the program you receive at registration for a complete list of exhibitors, floor plan and the trade show schedule. Your name badge is your ticket for admission to the trade show. So be sure to wear it!

  • Registration
    A full registration includes everything that Commodity Classic has to offer: General Session, all educational sessions, trade show, and the Evening of Entertainment on Thursday. So be sure to take advantage of as much as possible to enjoy the full value of your registration investment.

  • Educational Sessions
    You'll notice there are a lot of concurrent educational sessions. Check out the ones that interest you. You can walk into any session without preregistering-all you need is your name badge. And if that session isn't quite what you expected, don't be afraid to excuse yourself and attend another. Or meet up with others outside the session to have your own "conversation session."